Great Bay Scallop Search snorkeler

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Saturday August 20

9:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

Tampa Bay Watch is recruiting volunteer snorkelers to participate in the 27th Annual Great Bay Scallop Search.
The majority of volunteers of this event are required to have a boat to participate. As a snorkeler without a boat, your participation depends on a boater having room for you aboard their vessel. (If you have a friend who's registered as a boater and you'll be on their boat, you do not need to register on this page.)The completion of this registration does not guarantee you a spot in the event. We'll be in touch ASAP to let you know if we were able to match you with a boater.
Each boat will be assigned a site within Boca Ciega and Lower Tampa Bay to snorkel for elusive bay scallops. The meeting location is Fort De Soto Park's boat ramp where participants will receive survey equipment and instructions for the monitoring event. We'll treat you to a free lunch and a t-shirt upon your return to the boat ramp.
The goal of the Great Bay Scallop Search is to monitor and document the health and status of the bay scallop population. Read more about the Scallop Search. At each site, a weighted transect line of 50 meters in length is laid along seagrass beds. Snorkelers count scallops along each side of the transect line, within one meter of each side, creating a 100 square meter survey area.
Sign up fast for this popular event and help us tally up the bay scallop population in Tampa Bay! 
The number that you enter below indicates the total number of snorkelers in your party. Thank you!